2012 Douglas High Volleyball… vs. Carson…

An exciting duel tonight at the Douglas High Gym… Douglas hosted Carson… even the Carson “athletic supporters” show up tonight to cheer on the team… certainly the loudest, most exciting volleyball game I’ve been to since I was in college!

I had to laugh… before the game they were playing a song that came out when I was a sophomore in high school… I asked one of the Carson girls if she had heard the song before… “… yes, it’s an oldie…”… 🙂  Not to date myself but not a sole playing tonight was even born when that song came out… NO, I won’t tell you the song… THAT would make me an oldie too! 😉

On to the photos!  The Carson “athletic supporters”… 🙂  The were quite animated tonight!  Even chanting “Jeff, take a picture!”… I had to oblige….

Still working on that “net” shot…, manual focus on this one… I’m pretty happy with this one!

I had a very good friend in college that played volleyball at San Jose State when I was on the soccer team… she was a left handed setter… (see where this is going…)… at one of her games I saw her get all ready to set the ball but instead she spiked it over the net left handed, scoring a point… I’d never seen that before so it really caused me to sit up and pay attention… I LOVE that threat!

… and the celebration!  I have to confess, I was waiting for this one… even the bench is celebrating!  Love it!  Hats off to both teams… there must be a winner, tonight it was Carson, but these teams gave the crowd and this photographer an exciting game to watch tonight!  Glad I was there to record parts of it!