2012 Douglas Fooball… vs. Damonte…

I only played football one season… I was the kicker my Junior year of high school (we were State champions!!)… I knew nothing about the game, wasn’t given a playbook, made a few tackles simply because I was the last guy there on a kickoff… being a soccer player for 14 straight years ending with three years at San Jose State… I will never quite understand American Football… and the ending of the game tonight’s game was so strange that I’ll let someone else try to explain it in technical terms… if they’re able…  (I’ll give you my explanation at the bottom of this post if you care to read… 🙂  )

Homecoming AND Senior night at Douglas tonight as it was their last regular season home game!  All my Senior Night images are in the Varsity gallery… the Homecoming images link is on the Douglas High Athletics page…

… but to kick off my images I’ll start with the Homecoming King and Queen!  I’ve been photographing Kyle for quite a few years now!  Congrats Kyle and Jordan!!I can always count on Kyle to have his great smile!  But for those of you that don’t know or haven’t seen Kyle in action in the pool… 🙂

OK, back to the game!

I just want to give a big shout out to Cale Kynett… Like Kyle above, I’ve been photographing Cale for quite a few years… tonight was his Varsity debut… and in this photographer’s opinion, he certainly earned himself some playing time!  Here’s one of his tackles tonight!  Welcome to Varsity Cale!

… and one last shot… this was Damonte’s last drive of the game… leading to the most bizarre finish I can remember….

Wild ending… OK… well… Damonte took over on downs around their 45 or so… a few plays later, the above image being the one that got them down to where all the crazy ending happened… they ended up with the ball inside the 5…. No timeouts left… with 2.9 seconds remaining the near side (Douglas side) umpire threw a penalty flag… I believe it was 4th and goal at this point, so score or it’s over… well the penalty was waived off… Damonte attempted to snap the ball and it was bobbled but the end zone umpire was in the process of blowing his whistle to hold the play… it was all rather chaotic… time expired as the play had started (the booth can’t tell what’s going on that clearly on the field…)… but the whistle had blown so they added the 2.9 seconds back… Damonte regrouped (changed plays even), snapped the ball and ran into the end zone… that tied it 46-46… Damonte kicked the extra and won the game.  I can’t even being to comment as it was all surreal watching it live… I asked Joey (from the Record-Courier) and he was just as baffled…  I’ll be anxious to watch if anything comes of it post game….