2012 Douglas High Football… vs Hug High…

Douglas tonight!  Boy can this team put up some points in a hurry!  Mr. Nolting is looking great at QB and Peterson at running back… I’ve been watching him the last few years, and I think he might have been overshadowed a bit by Dylan Sawyers in Carson… but he’s an impressive back!  He’s tough to take down and he generates yards where it looks like there are none to me had!  A pretty easy win for Douglas tonight… good thing too cause the student fans cleared out quick to head off to a dance at the school!

Here are some shots from the night.  Tough lighting at DHS… I’ve been playing with a bunch of setting to try to get things “right”.  🙂

See all the shots from tonight in the school gallery.  Thanks for looking!Nolting aired one out early… gotta love when you “catch” it!  🙂I was just thinking the other day, I don’t have any helmet off photosGotta at least get one shot of Hug… I’ve got a very similar image against Carson of the same player…This fella is impressive!  Keep and eye on his performance this season, I’d guess some records are gonna fall this year!