The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 6

We’re back in action after the 4th of July day off… The tournaments are winding down, teams are going home… the play is certainly heating up!  Close action, close games, hard play, this is where it starts to get interesting!

Have to choose this one for the Photo of the Day… Marcus didn’t hesitate to slide and managed to slide right under the tag… Great slide Marcus!Marcus Sanders Slide into 3rd, Nevada All Star Little League

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 5

Day 5 in the books, day off tomorrow!  Whew!  We’re tired!

Today started the “going home” stage of the tournaments… that ramps up the “urgency” for me in getting photos, it’s been a busy weekend with long hours!  We get a break for the 4th of July Holiday tomorrow and back at it Tuesday evening.

We’ll see you at the field on Tuesday!

Here’s the photo of the day!

A shoutout to the Umpires today!  They are ALL volunteers for this tournament!  Thank you ALL!!Nevada District 1 Little League Umpire

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 4

The first long day is in the books! 12 games today… 12 games tomorrow… I’m tired! 🙂

Here’s the Photo of the Day!  I just like the dust flying around the ball and catchers glove… the wind and heat are drying out the fields quickly so the dust is flying!Nevada Little League All Star Tournament

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 3

Another home run, another celebration photo, or as us photographers like to say “jube” photo… (jubilation…)

Photo of the Day for SURE!!  No doubt the happiest face in baseball today!Reno National Little League Home Run Smile

The 2016 Nevada District 1 All Star Tournament… Day 2

It’s all about the Jube tonight!  I had another photo in mind but when AJ hit a walk off single to win the game in the bottom of the 6th and then give me THIS reaction!  No question!  Congrats fellas!  There have been some great baseball games in the two days so far!!

AJ Kunter Little League Walk Off Single

2016 Carson City Little League Major’s Championship, Governor’s Field, Carson City, NV

To check out the gallery from tonight’s game click the link below…

Carson City Little League Major’s Championship

Super close game that ended 1-0!  Quite the pitching duel between three All Star Players, Eddie, Alan and Tanner, well done tonight fellas, now it’s time to come together for All Stars!Carson City Little League Major's Championship160610_3576Carson City Little League Major's Championship

2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 9, Champions Crowned!

Congratulations to the Reno American 9-10 All Stars on their Nevada District 1 Championship!!  They beat a very good Reno National team to become District Champions!!Reno American Little League 10 Year Old ChampionsThe 10-11 year old game will go to the “if” game tomorrow night at 5:30 PM, Reno National won tonight giving Centennial their first loss of the tournament.

The 11-12 year old game will be played tomorrow night at 8:00 PM.  Should be some great baseball!