Summer High School Baseball… @ Carson… a No Hitter!!

First and foremost, a big Congrats to Chase Blueberg!  I don’t normally draw on photos… but I just did it to help those of you that don’t read the scoreboard for more than runs… 🙂  And I’ll confess, I was so busy playing around with stuff tonight that I didn’t even realize until the top of the 7th what was going on… 🙂

The photo should say it all but Chase pitched a no hitter tonight in the first game!The real photo on the site doesn’t have my drawing… 😉

Here’s Chase in action on the mound…… and a very happy smile afterward…

I’ve started to go to games with some type of game plan, something I want to try, something I want to focus on… tonight I was playing with putting extenders on my longer lenses… I got some interesting things… but when all was said and done and I was choosing photos to post tonight… no ONE of those made the “cut”.  If found that very interesting… I like some of them, they’re in the gallery… but they’re just not my favorites from tonight.  So… I learned some valuable things tonight.

When I went back to the “normal” setup I started looking for something “different”… and spotted this and had to get a shot of it…… and in the later game…… and I’ll be the first to admit, I cannot tell you if it’s good form or good anything…  it’s just something that happens and I find it kinda interesting what you can see at a game when you start looking.

You might see a trend here tonight with my photos, there are a lot of Casey and Chase… they both pitched… so that gave me a steady “target” to work with in my  “playing”… so I’ll get the non Casey, non Chase photo up here now!Normally I get Luke with his head down (I’m guessing because the pitch is lower…)… I showed him… “… is that the one where I popped out…”  😉  I cannot tell a lie….

I’ve talked before about how right before the sun dips at the Carson field how you can get this really nice warm light on the pitchers… Here’s an example…… vs. just after the sun dips… which one do you like better? (I’m also anxious to figure out what is causing the lighting on the first base side of his face in the above photo… maybe the windows in the “luxury box” area… 😉 ….)And in the first game Casey played shortstop for a few outs… I had to get a shot of that….… and just for good measure… Casey (again…) laying down a bunt…  I have one of him during the regular high school season so I needed one in a different jersey….