Pop Warner Snow Bowl at Mackay Stadium at UNR!!

Yep, it was COLD… but not as bad as the day before!  What a treat for the kids, to play their championship football games on the turf at UNR!  And they were all good games!  Here’s some action from the day.  Check out a lot more in the galleries for the leagues that played… which were…

Carson Pop Warner

Douglas Pop Warner

Reno Pop Warner

South Tahoe Pop Warner

Sparks Pop Warner

Apparently there were two teams that came into AND left the Championship game having never been scored on… yes, that also means never lost a game either… that’s amazing in youth sports!

Just because they’re “littler” guys doesn’t mean the bodies weren’t flyin’! 🙂Love getting in that face mask and seeing those focused eyes…I’ve been photographing Trey for the last few years… never had it so difficult as this season… The Douglas Unlimited team is one of those never been scored on teams… headed for Florida in two weeks… They run an offense that certainly fits their strengths (they’re BIG kids… let me say that again… they’re BIG…) but this new offense is a lot more running and less of Trey opening up for a pass for me to sneak some shots… makes it tough.  Good luck in Florida boys!