NV District 1 All Stars… Day 4

Another celebration…! and… well… for the shot that I missed… and as I explained to a parent, if I could tell you that the first baseman would jump as high as he could to snag a hard hit shot over his head and ALSO catch the runner on first not tagging up to get a double play ALONE (!!!!)… well I love what I do but if I was that good, I’d be rich!  🙂

So, yeah, this crack off the bat goes ripping, what looked like over the first baseman’s head, he jumps up, snags it and sprints to first to record the double play… the crowd gave me a hard time for missing the shot… 🙂  Did I mention these tournaments are fun?  🙂  GREAT play #5!!!  Stop by our tent and pick up your “photo of the day” water bottle!

See all of you out at the park!