New Website Galleries…

Starting with the 2017 High School Baseball season I’m moving all my photo galleries to a new platform!  Check it out here!

New Image Gallery Website…

I’ve been using the same gallery template and method for quite a few years now and it’s unsupported by the company that I got the plug in from so… it’s time to make a change.  It will be one of those, for better or worse kinda things… so I’m sorry for the “worse” things and I hope the “better” things prove to be truly “better”! 🙂

First thing you’re going to notice if you make a purchase… I’m no longer in the fulfillment part of the transaction.  The new company handles all of it, at a cost, of course…. as of June 27th I’ve not raised the pricing to accommodate this increase in cost but considering I’ve held my pricing steady for the past three years when all my costs have been going up, please do not be surprised when the pricing does go up in the next few months. (Update, prices are going up July 11th… so get your orders in ASAP!)

So… what does this mean?  For the galleries that I do have on the new site (I’ll be working on putting more on there…)… When you submit that shopping cart now, they’re asking for money and you will not be able to proceed without a paid credit card transaction (with a 3.75% credit card convenience fee (added in August 2016).  Once paid, you’ll receive the prints/products in the mail from one of the three vendors I’ve chosen to fulfill the orders.  This is a catch 22… I’ve now got additional products that I’ve been able to add but it means that I will not be meeting you somewhere in town for delivery…. (for better or worse…).

I will be continuing to work on a method of how to communicate to me for collages as those are all custom products (even template collages…) and I’m hoping to also add back in “local fulfillment” to that mix so in the mean time, I’d love to hear your feedback but keep in mind that the new submit button will take you through the entire transaction process now.

See you out on the field!