Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 3 & 4

Friday night was a long one (delayed game because of an extra inning game that eventually was moved to an open field…) followed by an early morning on Saturday (today…) so no update occurred last night… 🙂

The first Saturday of the All Star Tournament is always a long one! 14 games today! So I’m BEAT… but wanted to post two “Photo of the Day” winners!  We’re back out tomorrow for three time slots, 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30.  We’re now in full swing, all three age divisions are playing…

These photos are just simply because I like them! 🙂  This first one, I love the lighting, this field is a HUGE pain for trying to shoot on at certain times, this photo defies that… I really like how the sun is lighting him…130628_North Tahoe LL_Photo of the DayThis was a strange play, well, strange to me… there was a hubbub about a rule about… I love his expression toward the umpire!  These little things are what I love about sports, those moments of joy for the game… 🙂130629_Reno American LL_Photo of the Day