Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 16

These Junior Division games are quite exciting!  I’m not sure I can say for all the “right” reasons… but boy are they entertaining!  WOW!  Tonight was the Championship Game… well “IF” that is… “IF” Centennial won, being the winners bracket teams… well after 3 1/2 hours Reno American sent the game into the “IF” scenario for tomorrow night… so they will face each other again tomorrow evening at 7:30 PM again at Governor’s field in Carson City, NV.

Just one photo from the night… and I’ll have to say, sometimes what you’re intending to shoot just doesn’t quite come out how you were thinking when you shoot it… and then it comes out BETTER than you hoped!  This is one of those cases… a play at home, you never know what might come of these… and I got this!  I’d have to say this is my favorite photo of the tournament… fitting that on my last day of shooting I should get my favorite photo of the tournament!130712_Junior Little League_Mike