Nevada District 1 All Stars… Day 8

The Photographer, the ball magnet…

OK… so to the untrained eye this photo looks like I kept a photo of a kid taking a strike… to the UNtrained eye…  Let me explain a few things… look closely at the ball…  See how blurry it is compared to the player… this is shot as the sunlight was leaving us and darkness was setting in… so that means that I’m shooting with a setup that allows for low light situations and limits the “reach” I have… but what it also gives me is a very shallow depth of field… a shallow depth of field means that stuff that is either in front of or further away from the focal point will be blurred… so in this case… that ball is… well, HEADING RIGHT FOR MY HEAD… for those of you at that game during that inning and 1/2 got to witness me nearly getting hit THREE times…!!!  I’ve been hit two times in my years photographing baseball… and nearly got hit three times in an inning and 1/2 by three different kids!!!  This photo was the first… and this foul ball off the bat actually hit the lens hood on the end of my lens… that was close to the old noggin’!!

So… although it appears this is a swing and a miss… it was actually a very near miss… of my head!  🙂  Stop by and get your photo of the day prize at our event tent…. I promise I won’t retaliate!  🙂