Carson High Baseball vs. Galena… at Carson

The Senators hosted Coach McNutt’s Galena Grizzlies Wednesday for the second game of the series (Galena won @ home Tuesday)… In front of the program’s sponsors (Sponsor Night at the Park…), Carson split the series winning at home 7-3.  Here are some shots from the evening.

Here’s me messing around with something that I think looked pretty cool… Nick’s glove threw big puffs of dust for every pitch… here are two, one really tight from the backside and one so you see more of it all…

Brock batting has been elusive to me the entire season… I went 3 for 3 last night!  🙂 This first one was earlier in the evening before it got really dark… (notice the ball starting to blur…)… and here with the sun gone… I always try to explain to people how dark it is to the camera… ever seen a baseball tube? 🙂

Have to show some love for the Coaches!  🙂  It think this was after a dozen cookies…

Jace started on the mound… threw five innings….

… then Cole relieved… tried this from the other side this time… (see that streaked hand… did I mention it’s DARK out there?)

And last but not least… the play that led to the “discussion” that got Coach McNutt thrown out of McNutt Field… 🙂 (… sorry couldn’t resist that one…)  I don’t have a shot milliseconds prior to this to know when Rory got the glove on the base runner so we’ll never know… the call on the field was YOU’RE OUT!