New Product Introduction!!

Here’s a brand new product that we’re introducing at the Lake Tahoe Invitational Hockey Tournament this coming week!!!  It’s similar to our template collages except that it’s 10 inches high by 20 inches wide… so more like a panoramic collage.  Simple enough, we call it a Pano Poster…

One piece of information about it that you might not have noticed… the large image of the player between the center and the right photo… that “feature”, until now, has only ever shown up in our custom collages!!  As with any company, as time goes on products get better, I’ve added this popular custom collage feature to this template design.  It’s one of the other three images (of your choice) enlarged in the background.  It can be moved to the other side, when I’m designing the poster with your photos I’ll try both and see which looks the best.

I’ll be working on more designs if people like the idea so let me know what you think!