2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 1

Nevada District 1 Little League All Star TournamentAnd we’re off!  The 2015 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star tournament kicked off yesterday with Opening Ceremonies at 3:00 and the first games for the 10 year olds at 5:30 followed by the 11 year olds at 8:00.  The format of the tournament has remained the same but the schedule has been “compressed” a bit because in years past the 12 year olds have started on Saturday but this year, in order to squeeze the tournament in before the 4th of July, the 12’s start tonight, Thursday… you can ALWAYS tell when the 12’s start… ball start flying out of the park! 🙂

Photos are at the link on the left during the tournament or Photo Link.

… and as always, “photo of the day” is back… tonight from the Reno American 10’s game… love the determination of the short stop on this one…  Stop by our tent, we have a small gift for you…Nevada Little League District 1, Reno American Little League All Star

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