2014 Nevada District 1 Little League All Star Tournament, Day 11

The 12 year olds are now winding down… two games tonight, a looser’s bracket (the winner goes to the championship and the looser will play for 3rd place…) and a consolation (the winner plays for 3rd…)… The action is great… get out to the park and see these kids play!! The Championship and 3rd place games will be Tuesday at 7:30 at Governor’s Field in Carson City, NV. The Junior Division will also kickoff their district tournament tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30 on fields 1 and 6… 🙂 Photo of the day… had a tough choice tonight… but I thought I’d give this one the nod, already had a ball crushed by the bat image so far (got a GREAT one tonight…)… so I wanted to give this one the nod for a particular reason… This image was from 2012… I always remember this one because I was so bummed that I didn’t have the ball in the frame, it’s a photographer’s thing to remember such ridiculous things… 🙂  Anyway… move forward two years… and now we the same player, same team… and still slinging it to first to make the out! Here’s the post on the website… https://instaimage.com/2012/07/nevada-district-1-little-league-2012-day-eight/120706washoe

… and here is today’s Photo of the Day… not quite the same jump but still the same determination to get that throw off!140706_12470 #littleleague #nevada #baseball