2014 Carson High Basketball vs. Reno High

Finally!  My first varsity basketball game this season!  I knew it would come eventually but between schedule changes and Christmas programs for my daughter….

Here are some shots from the evening… and after some videos from the evening… I keep trying to video… they’re getting better… I know that might be hard to see… but each time I’m getting smarter… it’s a lot like photography, you have to try and fail, try and succeed, try and fail… it’s a process! 🙂  I’ll be shooting more as we go on….

… onto the stills…

Early in the game, Dilyn Rooker driving toward the hoop.
131223_3905_Carson HIgh Basketball_instaimage_Dilyn Rooker Drives to the Hoop Kyle Denning driving for two points.  The Reno fella in the photo, he was a force inside…131223_3926_Carson High Basketball_instaimage_Kyle Denning Drives to the Hoop Tony Munoz shooting for two from just outside the key.131223_3941_Carson High Basketball_instaimage_Tony shoots for two Cameron Price going hard to the hoop.  This has been a common theme this season!131223_3953_Carson High Basketball_instaimage_Cameron Price shoots for two Cameron Price shooting at the end of the first overtime period.131223_3959_Carson High Basketball_instaimage_Cameron Price shoots for twoAnd some videos… Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get updates sent to you automatically!