2013 Tahoe Invitational Hockey Tournament

Time files when you’re having fun… well this weekend FLEW by!  So I must have had fun… but I’m too groggy to really remember… 🙂

Between 6:00 AM on Friday morning and 4:00 PM on Monday (so roughly 82 hours) we spent 51.5 hours at the South Tahoe Ice Arena for the 2013 MLK Tahoe Invitational Hockey Tournament.  This event is in every way a very challenging event for us, long hours, little sleep (11 hours of sleep total, 4.5 hours of driving), very cold conditions… but this year I figured out something that made a HUGE difference…. There’s a power outlet right behind where I stand for two of the three periods of each game.  I know, you’re thinking “… so what, what’s the big deal…”… well… can you say heater?  I plugged in two heaters and went from miserable to happy in no time flat!  Next year… I’ll be MUCH better prepared! I still need some help with what to wear, I never quite seem to get it right… but the heaters made things MUCH more comfortable.  I was even “loaning” them out during the times I wasn’t there to the other Photo Moms and Dads that were shooting around where I was…

So onto the photos!  I’m really excited about a lot of the photos this year.  I think being warmer helped a lot, it certainly helped me concentrate better… here’s a selection of the some that I really liked from the weekend.2013 Oakland Hockey_South Tahoe_Goalie Save 2 2013 Tahoe Hockey_South Tahoe_Shot on Goal2013 Oakland Hockey_South Tahoe_Goalie Save 2013 Oakland Hockey_South Tahoe_No Goal 2013 Portland Hockey_South Tahoe_Goalie Save 2013 Santa Rosa Hockey_South Tahoe_Shot on Goal 2013 Stockton Hockey_South Tahoe_Shot on Goal Eyes 2013 Tahoe Hockey_South Tahoe_Goalie Save