2013 NIAA Northern Regional Championship Basketball… at Carson High

What a night for basketball!  Carson High is an amazing place for basketball.  I shoot there most often but you don’t really get a sense of the place until you get a packed house like Saturday night for the NIAA Northern Regional Championships… great fun!!

Scroll down for the boys… 🙂

The girls tipped off at 4:00 PM and the game was fast and furious… then Reno’s point guard, Gigi Hascheff put her mark on the game… 22 of Reno’s 65 points to be exact!

Reno’s 3rd/4th quarter 19-3 run sealed the deal…. Reno 65 Manogue 45130216_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Gigi130216_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Gigi2130216_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Sister130216_Reno_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Sister2130216_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive 130216_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_Drive2 130216_Manogue_instaimage_Girls Basketball_PointNo question, Morse Burley Gym at Carson High is an AMAZING place for a basketball game when the place is packed… the fans chanting, the parents even at one point standing up to the cheers of the student section, what an amazing atmosphere… unfortunately for the Senators, Saturday night was the Hug Hawks night.  Carson jumped out to an early lead but the SIGNIFICANT grind the Hawks put on defensively at the end the Senators couldn’t hold on.  What a run by the Senators to end the season…

When you’ve covered a team all season, you try to come up with something new, some new angle, something… I’ve been waiting all school year for this shot (starting with volleyball…)… I LOVE being at an sporting event and hearing our National Anthem, to me, it’s one of the very best moments in sports in America.  I’m sure it’s this way to other countries but this is a very special moment, particularly when I know we have friends on duty right now defending our Country so we can enjoy these games.  This one’s for you Chris Wolfe….130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_AnthemLook, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Brady showing us some action! 🙂130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_SupermanMy “behind the backboard” camera is at the east end (stage end…) of the gym… so I missed Carson’s big first half with the two remote cameras…

The second half Carson had to fight for every bucket… Alan here working inside… against two Hug defenders
130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Alan

130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Matt 130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Rafe 130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Rafe2In the category of “something different”…130216_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Timeout And then Sam Williams’ dunk in the first half… Three angles! (if you look by the scorers table you can see me in this first one…).130216_Hug_instaimage_Boys Basketball_DunkUnfortunatlely, the camera that was IN my hands is the one that is out of focus for one angle. The good and bad of single point auto focus with cameras these days… the camera focuses so quick that it grabbed the blue curtain for the first few shots in this series (in the Hug High gallery…)… the other two cameras I lock the focus, so I set it and it doesn’t change….130216_Hug_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Dunk2

130216_Hug_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Dunk3 Hug working their inside game….130216_Hug_instaimage_Boys Basketball_InsideGood luck to the Reno Huskies Girls and the Hug Hawk Boys next week down in Vegas!

See you out at the courts next year!  Thanks for an exciting season!

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