2013 NIAA Northern Division 1 High School Football, Douglas vs. Carson

With football there’s always a winner.  If tied at the end of regulation there’s a “shootout” at  the end to determine the winner.  If you weren’t at the Carson Douglas football game last night at Keith Roman Field at Douglas High you missed a great one!  If you were at the game and you didn’t anticipate what you witnessed, bet you’ll think better next year! 🙂

This year’s game was every bit of what I expected!  Watching what’s been happening on the field and watching the standings I knew all that would be thrown out the window, this is rivalry football and the Carson Douglas game at Douglas last night was a tough battle between two long time rivals.  Here’s some of what I captured last night… you’ll see a theme pretty quickly… or at least I did… 🙂

131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey RunCale Kynett had his hand on this ball for a long time before he eventually created a Chase sandwich with his fellow Douglas defenders and stripped it out of his hands… see the next photo… 🙂
131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Chase Catch131101_instaimage_Douglas High Football_Chase SandwichThe bodies start flying from here!131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Tackle131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey Catch131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Asa TackleCaleb Foster assumed a new role for Douglas tonight… tough game to try new things but he’s one of the best “gamers” in Northern Nevada… don’t think anyone will ever argue with me on that!131101_instaimage_Douglas High Football_Caleb RunCaleb again… here stopped by Aaron Perez on the outside…131101_instaimage_Douglas High Football_Caleb Run2Touchdown Joey Thurman… not a particularly good photo but this ended up being the game winning drive in overtime to give the win to Carson 19-13.131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Joey TouchdownLast play of the game by Douglas trying to tie the game in overtime… 131101_instaimage_Douglas High Football_Last Play Carson… and the celebration by the Carson sidelines…
131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_CelebrationCoach Roman talking with the team after the game… For those of you that don’t know or weren’t aware… Carson’s Coach Roman played at Douglas High… the field at Douglas High is named after his dad, who was in attendance at the game last night… What do you suppose it’s like to coach against your alma mater on the field that’s named after your father who’s standing on the Douglas sidelines… and win?131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_Coach RomanThis is a “tradition” that I’m very happy to see each game… the Carson team going over and celebrating with the Carson “fan” student section after the game.
131101_instaimage_Carson High Football_StudentsDuring any game there are moments that you capture and one’s that you miss, every time you set yourself up ready for the play, you’re taking a gamble that you’ll be in the “right” place to capture “the big play”… Last night, no question I missed the play of the game… After seeing the play happen (and saying things I shouldn’t as it was happening because I knew I was missing it…) and thinking about how it happened… I’m not even sure I know where I should have been to capture it… Carson outside defensive back #2 Aaron Perez, who I’ve been trying to capture the whole year without much luck, picked off a pass and ran for a touchdown that tied the game at 13… no question, play of the game… and I missed it.  I’m sorry Mom.  I’m sorry Aaron.