2013 Douglas vs. McQueen Basketball… NIAA Playoffs 1st Round…

As I sit here and watch the “social media” scene (particularly Twitter… the feeds trickling in…)… all my experiences come flooding back to me… championship seasons, lost games, “career ending games”… I’m very much reminded that all good things must eventually come to an end for some while others might march on toward the championship, only to have their season also eventually come to a close….

Douglas’ season came to a close tonight at home against a VERY good McQueen team.  McQueen came to play, McQueen came to win… they laid it all out there tonight… you’ll see from some of the photos that I’ve got, Douglas had to fight for everything… and by the sounds of it, so did every other Division 1 team in Northern Nevada!  The scores were incredible!  Carson over Spanish Springs 38-37 (super low score, like the Carson Douglas game last week… and won in the last seconds…), Hug squeaks by Damonte with a last few seconds bucket 62-60.  Galena beats Reed 64-60… and McQueen, with 4.5 seconds left takes one from Douglas at home 60-59.  Going to be VERY interesting Thursday night at Carson High for the Semifinals!!

… on to the photos from tonight… McQueen making it tough in all but the very last photo here… and in that one they’ve still got someone at least around just to make sure… contesting everything, hands in the face (at least…), they REALLY pushed Douglas tonight and made them earn everything.  The Carson McQueen matchup on Thursday should be a very interesting one… 🙂

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