2013 Carson High Football Season, League Champions 4-0

I’m in a unique position on the Carson High sidelines.  I get to see, hear and experience things that few people do and these season ending posts are sometimes difficult for me to write.  I want to say something worth reading, maybe even something profound…

I’m want to remind you of the the title you earned through gritty determination and hard work this season.

League Champions

Andy Cooper posted this photo on Facebook at the beginning of the season… I’m posting it again, it’s worth showing again, this is what the Reno Gazette Journal thought you’d do…photoIt’s funny to me looking back at this article, I remember standing on the sidelines after the rain had fallen… as you were beating McQueen, thinking to myself, “… you’re going to go far this season… it’s going to be a fun season!”… and look!  Sierra League Champions (4-0) and the Regional Championship game!  Well done fellas!

Here are a few images from the Regional Championship night…

Again, my buddy Ron Harpin was there too, check out his gallery… http://www.rahphotosnv.com/Carson-Football-vs-Reed

An early reception by Alan Cohen… maybe a sign of things to come… Coach Roman always “throwing” something new in to try to confuse the defense. NIAA Regional Football_Carson High_Alan Reception_instaimage_131122_3124 … a touchdown reception… again Alan Cohen… My buddy Ron (link to his gallery to come soon…) is on the other sidelines getting this from the front side…NIAA Regional Football_Carson High_Alan Touchdown_instaimage_131122_3161I certainly will say that I don’t know the rules all that well for Football… but some the proverbial ball didn’t seem to be bouncing Carson’s way last night… here however was one of a couple occasions that it did… Joey’s signal says it all.  First Down Carson!
NIAA Regional Football_Carson High_instaimage_Joey Turnover_131122_3137Nevin Elliot, the Carson Battering Ram… Reed’s big (did I mention Reed was big?) boys still couldn’t hold Nevin down…
NIAA Regional Football_Carson High_Nevin Run_instaimage_131122_3172Chase after his touchdown reception…
NIAA Regional Football_Chase Touchdown_Carson High_instaimage_131122_3182If you’ve been following my posts here you know I like to show that not everything always works out… and well… here you go…  Chase Blueberg’s touchdown reception… if you see the series you’ll see that this is indeed Chase… and the previous photo was the celebration after the touchdown… HOWEVER… the catch… well… and you know that shot above with Alan that I have from behind the end zone… my buddy Ron has the ball in the air and the ref’s backside hiding it all… sometimes it just doesn’t matter how many cameras you have pointed at the play… 🙂
NIAA Regional Football_Carson High_Follies of Football Photography_instaimage_131122_3179


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