2013 Carson High Basketball vs. Spanish Springs, something new…

The Senators went 1 for 3 on the night but the one was a convincing win for the Boys Varsity over Spanish Springs!  The standings are hard to come by but I believe there’s a good chance they’ll meet again in the playoffs so this is a good sign for Carson.

… and I tried something new with a remote setup… cannot say it was a success… but the first time out it wasn’t a complete failure either. 🙂

Here’s a look… I’ll be making some adjustments for the next game… and then Regionals… The next game will be Douglas visiting Carson on Friday, February 8th. (I’m out of town all next week for my studio in Monterey…).

130129_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_board2… and I think a crop like this would be better…130129_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_board2-2

This is kinda fun… shooting two cameras at one time… one is triggering the other so I’m getting two shots of the same action from two positions… now if it had just been action on the same side of the basket that I set up the remote! 🙂  Maybe next time…130129_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_floor130129_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_board