2013 Carson High Basketball vs. North Valleys

Carson hosted North Valleys for the JV Boys, Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys games.  It was a sweep for the Senators!  The crowd was… well… I know it’s a new year and… well… I’ll be nice… the place was empty (come on people… the weather wasn’t THAT bad and you missed some good action last night…)

Carson’s next games will at Douglas Friday the 18th… I will not be able to attend the games at Douglas this year… it’s our annual Tahoe Invitational Hockey Tournament in South Lake Tahoe….

On to the action…

Some second half action in the Boys JV game… the referee that you can see behind pretty easily called this one… have two shots from the line Cody! 🙂130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys JV Basketball_Foul2Now that I have some “inventory” of images of the teams I’m looking around for something different… new angles, etc…. trying a different angle here… but as you can see… bare stands… would be pretty cool if there were people in those stands…!!!130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys JV Basketball_Drive99 times out of 100 I’d delete this image in camera because it’s not making anyone look particularly “good”… but I just couldn’t resist this one.  Yes, the referee called this one (how could you NOT?) so to the free throw line Carson went… moments like this captured in time make me wonder what the intent of the player fouling was… 🙂130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys JV Basketball_FoulThe Girls started out quick, full press and then a few layups later they were cruising to a pretty easy win.  I’ve been very impressed with the Varsity Girls and what new Coach Nate Tolbert has accomplished this year.  After the first game at Reno I think people had concerns, they’ve put their head down and gone after playing what fits the tools they have, it’s been fun to watch.

130111_Carson_instaimage_Girls Basketball_DriveI think Elena is one of the most intense players in Northern Nevada.  Always giving everything she’s got, laying it all out there!  Great to see!130111_Carson_instaimage_Girls Basketball_ShotOnto the Boys Varsity… again, working on a different angle… (I need that crowd in the stands please…!!!  please…)…130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_LayupAnd shooting wide… this resulted in a foul… we’ll take two from the line, thank you…130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Shot… and Kyle “floating” out of the corner…130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_DriveI like the intensity in Dylin’s eyes.  Great to see you out there Rooker!130111_Carson_instaimage_Boys Basketball_Eyes