Collage Ordering

Fantastic! You’ve decided that you’d like to get a collage!

Now what…

Going to be completely honest and right up front about it, it’s too complicated of a process for the shopping cart… so the best thing to do is to get the image numbers of the images that you would like to include in the collage (for example 160704_1234.cr2) and take a look at the Collage Info Page and either email me or give me a call (number to the left).  The phone call won’t take more than about 5 minutes if you have your photo numbers and know which collage style you’d like. Always feel free to call to ask any questions, it’s not a simple, throw it together type of thing so questions are always good.

The premise of our call will revolve around me filling out the following order form (see the link below Current Action Pricing…) for my records. (this can also be found on the home page in the menu on the left under instaimage information…)

Current Action Pricing

We’ll be deciding the following things during the call.

  • Which photo numbers and which you want as the “main” image.
  • Which Collage style (see collage info for the different styles, be sure to click each example on that page to see additional examples)
  • What size (depending on which collage style you choose)
  • What text (Bryce Harper or just Bryce, League/Team/School, etc.)
  • What font (yes, that’s different than text…)
  • Colors if the design has color options (I generally use team colors from the jersey)

That pretty much covers it…

I look forward to working with you to put together your collage!