Congratulations Senior Senators!

Here are three photo options for you and at the bottom I have placed my senior portrait information.

All now updated….

Option 1: Senior 10×20

This is a 10×20 photo.  There are frames available for this size, not a large selection but there are some available.  I also offer a very simple frame for this.  The photos that are on the wall in the weight room (… at least the one’s that are my work…) are the frames that I offer.

$15 print only

$25 framed2013Senior10x20Senate

Option 2: Senior Pano

This is a 48″x7″ panoramic photo… that’s 4 FEET by 7 inches… want to make sure you understand that… Custom framing if you frame it, lamination would be another good option.  I’ve talked with one person that’s interested in this print and they’re looking into options, I’ll post more when I hear back from them…

$25 print only (I’m not able to get you any particular “deal” on a frame so I’m only offering a print only option…)2013CHS-Senior-Pano-Final

Option 3: Senior 11×14

Simple size, a million frames available for this size… again, I offer the same simple one for this size.

Print only: $14

Framed: $232013Senior11x14Stadium

Senior Portrait Pricing

I’m going to be very frank with you… there are a lot of options when you’re looking for senior portraits.  I am not the cheapest in town nor am I the most expensive… I’ve developed my senior portrait “session” based on how I feel it should be done.  Most people have never been on an individual photo shoot, with me, it’s a production, we’ll spend about two hours (at least) shooting and probably another two plus hours going through all the images after I’ve had a few days to prep the photos for our review… I’m aiming to give you a large selection of images to chose from, some we edit and become your “picks” and others are OK but not your favorites… so keep this in mind if you choose to work with me for your Senior Portraits.

One more thing to keep in mind… Seasons… Fall colors are pretty much gone now… so be thinking about what other type of background you want.  Also, I have blue, black and white (which can also be grey based on photo technique…) backgrounds for “studio” sessions.  I can shoot this in your garage or even outside if needed… there are a lot of options available so be thinking about what you’d like and let’s talk about what might work best for you!  I look forward to working with you!

Click the link below for a PDF of my Senior Price List

instaimage Senior Portraits


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